BRAVO Presents The Real Housewives Live Tour

The Objective

Engage Bravo’s fans on a more personal level by launching a live, multi-market Tour aiming to strengthen brand loyalty by allowing fans the opportunity to experience The Real Housewives beyond the TV and digital space.

The Strategy

Produce a three-city Tour for Bravo’s The Real Housewives franchise that supplies countless brand building opportunities for Bravo and their sponsors / advertisers in target markets.  Create robust ad campaigns and promotions through radio, print, local network television, and online to connect Bravo with their core fans through marketing avenues outside the national platform.

The Result

In partnership with Ideation Farm Agency, the Tour delivered over 40,000,000 brand impressions through online, print and radio media outlets through tour stops in Atlantic City, Chicago and Atlanta.  Additionally, Bravo received invaluable exposure for some of their most important advertisers: C.D. Peacock Jewelers, Off Broadway Shoes, Time Warner Cable and Comcast / Xfinity.