As a boutique company, our objective is to cater to the individual needs of any client-- truly paying attention to details in order to provide the best marketing strategy. In this stage we help the client formulate their goals and determine what is the best route to develop a successful program or event. 

Strategic Planning

Whether it is the development of a radio promotion plan, integration of social networking sites, coordination of local grass roots efforts, or management of publicity and the creation of collateral materials, our focus is on building the best possible marketing plan. We feel that the "icing on the cake" is our enthusiasm to see every venture succeed in the most targeted and interactive way possible.  


A marketing plan isn't effective until it is a smoothly running machine and we are there every step of the way to make sure we cover all the nuts and bolts. As new elements develop or the program comes to the final stage, our top priority is to communicate the value of what the client is trying to sell or offer. 




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