Venue Negotiations

We research, scout, and negotiate venue options to ensure the location is best suited for the event type and within our client’s budget. Whether it may be a restaurant for an employee dinner, event space for a special reception or local park for a private concert, our team will secure the ideal venue for any type of event in any location.

Travel Arrangements

From hotel lodging and roundtrip flights to airport pickups and ground transportation, we take care of all the nitty gritty travel details and provide concise yet informative itineraries for each guest. 

Concierge Services

Our team is hands-on from beginning to end, constantly checking in with guests to ensure all needs are attended to in a quick and polite manner. We also work with our clients to ensure each guest receives a full and delightful experience including pre-arranged dinner reservations, tickets for various entertainment options, personalized or themed gifts, and more.