Big ideas are born from small insights.

Building on our team’s talent and expertise in music touring, promotion and production, REACH was established to focus on our passion for creating unique opportunities to engage and entertain consumers. We thrive to connect artists and brands to their fans and consumers through memorable live entertainment and strategic experiential marketing campaigns. REACH is proud to deliver influential and direct interactions with the ever powerful buying public where they live, work and play.


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REACH is an entertainment and experiential marketing agency with deep roots in the music touring industry. A boutique company centered on personal attention, we recognize the importance of implementing details on every level while keeping our client’s objective and overall big picture top of mind. REACH has experience in every aspect including innovative brand integration, turn-key project management, event marketing and production, logistical coordination and talent buying for events of all sizes. With mutual goals and singular efforts, we assist our clients in creating and executing the best live entertainment and strategic experiential marketing campaigns. In turn our partners benefit from the unique opportunities REACH can present, which results in powerful, effective, high profile, once-in-a-lifetime marketing initiatives.